Welcome to the microvolunteering collective

Using Micro-Moments to Fuel Macro Change

Aotearoa is a nation of volunteers

But, one thing is clear - from time constraints to geographic restrictions, many of us face a variety of barriers, that prevent us from volunteering.

It's time to break down these barriers

Here at The Microvolunteering Collective, we are dedicated to breaking down the barriers to traditional volunteering, and enabling anyone (regardless of their age, gender or background), to make meaningful contributions to their community, through 'microvolunteering'.

Creating collective impact

Microvolunteering is based on a simple idea - that huge impact can collectively be created when a few people come together to do a little good ... and it turns this idea into a new approach to community action.We host a variety of fun, accessible and inclusive community events that empower people to use their skills, strengths, passions, and creativity as a tool for good.

You have the power to make a difference

We'd love to have you join us! Follow us today to be the first to find out about new microvolunteering opportunities.

Our Story

Our story begins in 2019, when our Founder - Chantelle, noticed just how many barriers people were facing when trying to access volunteering opportunities.Having grown up volunteering, Chantelle had experienced first-hand the immense benefits that accompany volunteering.Driven by a desire to help others access these same benefits, The Microvolunteering Collective was born.Since then, we have brought to life a series of over 50 events, activities and campaigns that enable people to use their strengths, skills, and creativity as a tool for good.Today, we're proud to have built a collective of over 1, 100 microvolunteers who have dedicated more than 1, 700 hours of their time to many worthy community causes.Between international research validating this approach to volunteering, and positive feedback from our community, we are confident that microvolunteering is an idea worth spreading. Looking ahead, we are determined to turn microvolunteering into a nationwide movement.

Our impact

Since our establishment in February 2019, we have:
- held over 60 events
- supported over 1, 100 microvolunteers to contribute 1, 700 hours of their time (worth over $40, 000)
- supported over 30 community causes
In doing so, everyday Kiwis have been able to mobilise their strengths to catalyse change towards local and societal issues.For example, isolation and loneliness is growing amongst elderly populations. One of our most popular microvolunteering activities involves hand-making cards, and filling them with hand-written messages of love, to spread love to lonely residents in local rest homes. Creating a card is a small task - but, through the power of collective action, these micro-efforts add up to make a powerful difference in many lives (to date, our community has produced 2, 000+ cards).These efforts have seen us recognised as the Community Club of the Year and the Supreme Club of the Year at the Waikato Students Union Awards, included on the YWCA's Y25 List, and as a finalist in the Impact Awards.We have also been featured in the YWCA's blog series, The Waikato Independent, The Rotorua Daily Post, OARsome FM, The Breeze Waikato, Free FM and on the What's Your Why podcast.

Get involved

Keen to experience the magic of microvolunteering for yourself?Awesome! We'd love to have you as part of our collective.We are currently operating in Hamilton and Rotorua, although we also run lots of virtual events.Join our mailing list to be the first to find out about future events.Many of our microvolunteering activities can also be completed from home - browse our resources below to find out how you can make a meaningful difference in your community, all from the comfort of your own home. All of our activities use minimal resources and are appropriate for those of any age or skill level:
- Postcard Picnic
- Love Letters
- SPCA Toys
We're also on the lookout for community champions who would like to spearhead microvolunteering opportunities within their local community. Get in touch if you're interested.

Contact us

Contact us via Facebook, Instagram, email, or on 0279199609.We are available to deliver custom workshops, events and activities for your school, workplace, or community group. We also offer virtual presentations exploring microvolunteering as a new approach to community action.